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On May 18th 2006,  Heaven sent down their angels and gave mother her wings. She was led to a place that had been
prepared for her, a place with no pain or suffering. A place where God healed her and set her free to do all the things she
had not been able to do for a long time. With everything that she can now do, I know she is still making time to watch
over all of us... I miss you mom very much. I know we all do, she was a pillar of strength and inspiration for all.....

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This web site is being built for family members use. It's intention is to make it easier for all to share pictures, email
addresses, contact information and to know what is going on in our respected families. It is also meant to be used to
post family history, family trees and information.

If you are a Klempin family member or relative, you may submit information and or pictures for posting by going to the
contact me page and submitting the request. Please email all pictures you want posted to webmaster@klempin.com.
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Dorothy Klempin passed away May 18th, 2006
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